SILK Surface Improvements (India) Ltd
Vibratory And Centrifugal Disc System Manufacturers
Mass Finishing Systems
Honing & Superfinishing Consumables & Tools
SILK offers products in the complete range of external finishing from elementary deburring, descaling and similar gross systems through polishing, buffing and eventually high-grade superfinishing. In addition SILK addresses precision internal finishing with a range of superabrasive (diamond & CBN) and conventional abrasive honing stones for a wide range of IC Engines, gears, fuel injection parts and also hydraulic cylinders and other precision internal finishing applications including ordnance. SILK has just introduced a gamut of Moulded / Cast Polyurethane Products with a wide range of applications.
SILK offers services to finish customers’ components on short delivery basis where customer requirements do not justify installation of an in-house finishing facility. Very small individual components weighing even a few milligrams upto very large individual components weighing about 35 kilograms can be finished in SILK’s plant where a battery of small, medium and large vibratory, centrifugal barrel and centrifugal disc finishing machines run for this purpose. SILK’s finishing laboratory is integrated with this facility and finishing trials are conducted with several iterations when necessary until the final result is achieved at absolutely no cost to the customer.