SILK Surface Improvements (India) Ltd
New Developments

PU has emerged as the best lining material for mass finishing system vessels whether they be vibro-bowls, centrifugal barrels or centrifugal discs. SILK has set up an in-house facility for polyurethane lining of all its mass finishing products. SILK proposes to extend a unique service to all its customers and users of mass finishing systems in the country by setting up several units for relining of mass finishing vessels. It is hoped that all these facilities would eventually be upgraded with adequate logistics infrastructure to be able to provide a door-to-door relining service. At present, most users of mass finishing systems are put to considerable hardship in terms of the logistics of sending their bowls to far-off suppliers, the time involved and the attendant inconvenience and loss of production. Some customers are even forced to invest in backup machines resulting in completely unwarranted capital expenditure just for providing relining lead time.

In-situ Honing of Marine Engine Cylinders

Honing of Marine Engine Cylinders has always been an engineering challenge because of several reasons. The fact that these engines are not easily handled or transported. They are thus dependent on shore based facility. Although they are operated with backup engines to support them, eventually they are forced to head for shores to maintain them. SILK has embarked on a project to provide an in-situ honing solution for marine engine cylinders.

Honing of irregular bores

Conventional Honing of bores with grooves, keyways or other discontinuities is fraught with the grave risk of resulting in chipped honing causing severe damage to the cylinder surface. SILK offers a unique segment based honing system providing for wide-area contact thereby easily overrunning discontinuities without any such risks. Leading machine tool manufacturers like HMT and manufacturers of Ordnance find several applications for the above system.

Honing of narrow and long bores

The logic of the normal system of using expandable mandrels in conventional honing has been extended by Nagel in the unique development of honing of small bores over a long length as in rifle tubes and the like. SILK is engaged in the development of such systems for critical defence applications.