SILK Surface Improvements (India) Ltd
Triangles for slotted areas & corners.
Cones for convex and concave surfaces.
Pyramids for large surfaces & finishing through holes.
Stars for deburring inside diameters & blind holes.
Tetrahedrons for greater penetration.
Wedges for large flat areas and special profiles.
Both carbon steel and stainless steel media in various shapes like balls, ball cones, pins, etc. are available for short cycle burnishing of both ferrous and non-ferrous components.
Available in wide range of shapes, sizes and grades. Shapes and sizes are more or less in line with conventional ceramic media but grades are usually three - rough cut, medium cut and fine cut. These deliver a much higher surface finish quality than any other media.
Available in the standard range of shapes and sizes and in three main classifications, namely high abrasive, deburring and polishing grades. High abrasive are 85% + alumina content, Deburring are between 45 - 55% alumina with abrasive impregnation and polishing are 20 - 25%.
These are also available in a number of grit sizes depending upon the components proposed to be dried. These are high absorbent organic media which have to be used by prewarming with an external heating source for best results.